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Maurice Bernard – 2013 – 11” x 14” oil on panel

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Other Locations

Lower Bedeque Schoolhouse

This one-room schoolhouse has been in existence on this site since 1840, rebuilt several times and operated until the 1960s as an active school.  Many teachers taught at the school over the years but the heritage of the site focuses on L.M. Montgomery, who was a substitute teacher from October, 1897 to the spring of 1898.

Cavendish Post Office

Discover the fascinating connection between L.M. Montgomery and the post. A small exhibition allows visitors to follow the writer’s manuscripts through the postal system. Many objects from the collection of the Canadian Museum of History illustrate her work as assistant postmaster. Taking advantage of her job at the family’s post office, Montgomery discretely mailed the manuscript of her most famous novel, Anne of Green Gables, to publishers. That is how she managed to get it published in 1908.

Sullivan Films Anne of Green Gables Production Locations

  • Orby Head – on the Shore Road in the National Park, a few miles from Cavendish. The scene in which Anne and Diana are standing on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of St. Laurence was filmed here. A parking area is available.
  • Rustico Bay – a few kilometres east of Cavendish. Scenes were filmed along Highway 6 overlooking the bay, lighthouse, and fishing houses.
  • Dalvay-by-the-Sea– the hotel used to represent the “White Sands Hotel” in the Anne films as well as in the Road to Avonlea television series.
  • Sea Cow Head Lighthouse – within the Red Sands Shore touring route, several miles west of the Confederation Bridge (see Fernwood on Highway 119 on the official PEI provincial highway map).

Cavendish Destination Centre 

View the Tryon Cape Lighthouse from the telescope. This vista was one of L.M. Montgomery’s favourite views and still remains pristine, coastal farmland. Cape Tryon Lighthouse is believed to be the Four Winds Lighthouse that Montgomery wrote about in which of her books? Ask the Destination Centre Staff for a hint.

Hunter River Train Depot 

In Anne of Green Gables, the Hunter River Train Depot became Bright River Station, where Anne first met Matthew. When the old depot was decommissioned, it was moved to Marco Polo Land Campground and you can find it there. 

Dr. Kent G. Ellis Heritage Park / Confederation Trail

Hunter River once had a train station which may have inspired Bright River, the station depicted in the Anne of Green Gables novel. Trains no longer run on PEI, but the Confederation Trail, a hiking path which retraces the routes of the train tracks, passes through Hunter River.

Cavendish Corner & surrounding area

The merchants of Cavendish are the biggest Anne fans around! Can you spot one of many establishments that reference PEI’s favourite redhead in the title of their business? Name one!

Arts and Entertainment

L.M Montgomery Scavenger Hunt

Get out and learn more about L.M Montgomery and have fun doing it. Can you find all the answers?

Click here to access a copy of the scavenger hunt.


The Anne Package

Featuring Anne and Gilbert – The Musical at downtown Charlottetown’s The Guild and an all-inclusive package of Anne-themed activities and attractions.

Julia Purcell Art Studio

Painting Montgomery's Island: In Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. Join with Island artist Julia Purcell in sharing thoughts about L.M. Montgomery while creating daring and vibrant watercolour seascapes and landscapes by employing only the three colors which Montgomery used to passionately describe her Island in her autobiographical article, entitled The Alpine Way: ruby, emerald and sapphire. Clyde River, P.E.I.

Maurice Bernard Print Galleries

The six artworks featured on this website were created by Prince Edward Island artist Maurice Bernard. Working mainly in oils and chalk pastels, Bernard’s art captures the beauty and grace of the Island, the innocence of children and the warmth of families. His past solo exhibitions include A Visual Diary – inspired by a three-month bicycle trip across Canada; Acadian Life on Prince Edward Island – a depiction of Acadian culture and heritage; Rural Roots– works inspired by past rural life on PEI and Shorelines & Waterways that was inspired by his fascination of living on an island, with its myriad of bays, rivers and shoreline vistas, during all seasons of the year. A professional artist since 1982, Maurice is also a popular art teacher and has earned acclaim for his commissioned portraits which reflect his genuine interest in the life of his subjects. In the past decade he has acquired reputation as a sandcastle builder, hired by Parks Canada to work on beaches on the north shore of PEI. He lives and works in Summerside PEI where he teaches children’s art classes and paints in his studio at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre.

Prints of the six Bernard images illustrated on this website are available in various sizes at Ellen Creek Gallery in Charlottetown, The Studio Gallery in Victoria-by-the-Sea, Avonlea Village in Cavendish and Carr’s Oyster Bar gift shop in Stanley Bridge.

Taste and Treats

Raspberry Cordial 

Visit to 1908 and Anne Shirley’s beloved Raspberry Cordial, from the famous L.M. Montgomery novel, Anne of Green Gables. Available at Cows ™ locations, cafes and convenience stores across P.E.I.

Avonlea Village

A variety of culinary experiences for every palate and Anne-themed shops and galleries.

The Table Culinary Studio

A class exploring into the culinary world of Marilla Cuthbert from the beloved Anne of Green Gables novels written by author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Using the Anne novels and Montgomery’s own cookbook as inspiration The Table delve into Island history and create a delicious meal of traditional PEI recipes worthy of Marilla’s table.

Anne of Green Gables Chocolates

With outlets in Borden-Carleton, Cavendish and downtown Charlottetown, the outlets are themed on an old-fashioned chocolate shop. Featuring premium quality chocolates made by hand, including truffles, creams, fudge and peppermint patties and other selections. Visitors can also see chocolate-covered potato chips being made.


Anne of Green Gables Store

As relatives to author Lucy Maud Montgomery, George Campbell and his family operate stores in Charlottetown, Cavendish and Park Corner, featuring carefully crafted and designed Anne-themed products with the authenticity of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s storylines and characters, all of which have been approved by the Anne of Green Gables licensing authority.

Dress-Up-As-Anne Parlour/The Spirit of Anne Statue

There is plenty of fun to be had in the Shop & Play Dress-Up-As-Anne parlour experience that will be sure to bring on laughter and a life-long memory of your time here on Prince Edward Island!

Vacation Packages

Click here to explore our Montgomery inspired vacation packages.